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About us

The South Bay Living Food Community is a local social group based in Silicon Valley, California. We offer fun activities that encourage learning, fellowship, and opportunities to enjoy raw, living food.

The Institute for Vibrant Living, a regular sponsor of the SBLFC, is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting responsible, vibrant living through education, research, publication, and outreach activities. The Institute is a primary sponsor of Raw World: International Festival of Raw Food Enthusiasts, Costa Rica, 2003 (see If you would like to learn more about the IVL, you may contact its president, Dan Ladermann, at

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Contacting us is easy, theoretically speaking.

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About this Web Site

Site concept

If you live in the Silicon Valley, this site is designed especially for you. Even more accurately, it's designed as a starting point to which local community members may add their input.

The only way we, the designers of this Web site, will know that this site is meeting the needs of our local community is if we hear from you. For this reason, we will be sponsoring suggestions for improvement contests and attempting to make it as easy as possible for you to pass on ideas or information to us.

A local focus

One of the primary objectives of this site is to support our local living food community—both consumers and producers. We are therefore focusing more upon information and resources that we view as relevant to our geographic community (as opposed to the broader nonlocal or virtual online community). When meaningful, we will also provide links to other raw food sites or online communities (egroups) rather than attempt to duplicate these impressive information sources.

Future plans

We have already developed extensive content for this Web site that we will be releasing in upcoming months. Keep your eyes open.

The success of this site will ultimately be a byproduct of the feedback we receive from each of you. We hope that you, (yes, you) will take the initiative to share with us your wants. We treasure your thoughts.


Dan, David, Laurie, Lori and Tim

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