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SBLFC Monthly Potlucks

The November and December Potlucks have been cancelled. We are seeking a new location for the SBLFC potluck beginning in January, 2004. Please send email to if interested in hosting!. These guidelines also apply to special event potlucks.

Potluck Guidelines

What to Bring

  • A raw/living food dish to serve 10. If there are two of you, bring enough to serve 20 or two different dishes.
  • Serving utensil(s) for your dish
  • Plate(s), napkin(s), and silverware for yourself
  • Water and cup for yourself if desired
  • An ingredients label. Other participants will love you if you label well.

In addition to the actual ingredients, consider including details such as whether or not seeds or nuts were soaked, what elements were dehydrated if any, what isn't organic, etc. Please don't forget that many vegans consider honey an animal product and may want to avoid it. Include your name in case people have questions.

Food Guidelines

The following recommendations are made in consideration of general raw food, vegan, and vegetarian dietary guidelines. Thought is also given to broad food-combining issues and to those who may have never before enjoyed an entirely plant-based meal.

May We Suggest

  • "Whole, ripe, raw, fresh organic fruits and vegetables" (at least pesticide/herbicide-free) All types of salads
  • If you don't feel comfortable preparing food, don't know what to bring, or just don't have the time, bring enough organic fruit or salad to serve 10 people
  • Washing everything well
  • Add "love" to the process.

What to Consider Limiting

  • Use of oils. If you do use them, cold-pressed oils e.g., extra-virgin olive oil and flax oil, are preferred. Remember, most commercial oils are heated.
  • Use of sea salt or salty substances e.g., Bragg Liquid Aminos, Nama Shoyu, miso, etc.

What to Avoid

  • Heating of any food above 115 degrees. Remember that maple syrup is usually boiled and that honey should be of the raw, untreated variety.
  • Processed ingredients
  • Melon (a food-combining issue--not that we don't like it)
  • Vinegar (citrus can provide a great alternative)
  • Grains (raw, sprouted or otherwise-this is a food-combining issue for some and a clear health issue or hazard for others)
  • Animal products of any kind. (Again, remember to label any honey, which is not a vegan product.)

Not sure what to prepare? Here are links to sites with recipes


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